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    How to know the UI version

    guenole bescon Level 1



      I'm currently using WAS but not sure if I'm using version 1.0 or 2.0...

      How can I check that ?


      And what about 2.1 migration ? How to activate it ?


      Thanks a lot for your answers.



        • How to know the UI version
          Axel Level 3

          Hi Guenole,


          You have several ways to double-check what version you're using, here are some easy ones:


          1) URLs: WAS 1.0 and WAS 2.0 uses different URLs to be accessed. For WAS 2.0, you should have a URL that looks like https://portal.qualys.com/module/was whereas for WAS 1.0 the URL should be https://qualysguard.qualys.com/fo/webapp/...


          2) Look and feel is slightly different from WAS 1.0 and WAS 2.0. WAS 1.0 uses the full width of your browser, while 2.0 has a fixed 960px width. The menus are different also. When accessing:

          - WAS 1.0: you should have following top menus: Scans Reports KnowledgeBase Users

          - WAS 2.0: top menus should be: Dashboard Web Applications Scans Reports Configuration KnowledgeBase Users


          3) In WAS 2.0 module, you have a way to know the exact version used by clicking the About link on bottom right of the application. It should open an Account Information modal window, and if you access the Product Version section, you should see the version of WAS module as "Was Application".


          Hope this helps.

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