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This page contains information to create a Microsoft 2019 Patch Tuesday VM Dashboard leveraging data in your Qualys Vulnerability Management subscription. 

This dashboard is part of the New VM Dashboard Beta program is not intended for production use, and subject to modification without notice.  If you have any questions regarding the content, please comment below or Contact Support - Technical Assistance Inquiry Form | Qualys, Inc.


The widgets in this dashboard are based on the following base query:


VULNERABILITY:  vulnerabilities.vulnerability:(vendorRefs: ADV190001 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0536 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0537 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0538 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0539 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0541 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0543 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0545 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0546 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0547 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0548 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0549 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0550 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0551 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0552 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0553 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0554 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0555 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0556 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0557 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0558 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0559 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0560 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0561 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0562 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0564 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0565 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0566 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0567 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0568 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0569 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0570 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0571 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0572 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0573 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0574 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0575 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0576 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0577 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0578 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0579 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0580 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0581 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0582 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0583 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0584 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0585 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0586 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0588 OR cveIds: CVE-2019-0622 OR vendorRefs: KB4032217 OR vendorRefs: KB4032225 OR vendorRefs: KB4461616 OR vendorRefs: KB4461627) AND vulnerabilities.status:[NEW,ACTIVE,REOPENED]


Consider the possibilities for this dashboard.  It could be updated to report by status (vulnerabilities.status: [NEW,ACTIVE,REOPENED,FIXED]), or patchable vs. configuration (vulnerabilities.vulnerability.patchAvailable: TRUE/FALSE).  For examples of widgets using these tokens, please visit Dashboard Toolbox - Top 10 Vulnerabilities Scorecard BETA.


To create the query string, I visited the Microsoft site and scraped the CVEs and Vendor Reference IDs, wrapped in the appropriate tokens and created the widget.


Attached below is the JSON file to create the initial dashboard.  The version attached includes widgets for Jan-May, 2019.

Each month I will create a new widget and add it to this post so that you may download it for import into your dashboard.  


This is a workaround until the development process catches up to customer feature requests.  I suggest bookmarking this page for future reference.


Demonstration Image


BUG: I did find a bug when I clicked through the widget.  The Vulnerabilities tab does not format properly with the large query text.  We are working to address this and I'll keep you posted on our progress.





2019-Jun-12: Added QLYS - Microsoft 2019 Patch Tuesday 201906 VMwidget.zip and refreshed QLYS - Microsoft 2019 Patch Tuesday VMdashboard.zip.



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