Logic Change: Windows Account Lockout Threshold for Windows XP and 2008

Document created by malderman on Jul 1, 2011
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During the conversion of Windows password controls for Mask Pi/GR, we identified CID 2342, Status of the 'Account Lockout Threshold' setting for invalid logon attempts, for Windows XP and Windows 2008 is using an older signature, which does not support Pi and Golden Ratio.  In order to keep these consistent with the remaining Windows technologies, CID 2342 for Windows XP and Windows 2008 will be converted to use the new signature on July 15.


After the conversion, the default value for Windows XP will remain "equal to 50" and the default value for Windows 2008 will remain "equal to 15".  However, when you open your policy, you will be prompted to update these controls and the deafult values will be used.  Please verify your expected values after these controls have been updated in your policy.  Save your policy to retain your updates.