Logic Change: Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for Windows XP and 2003

Document created by malderman on Jun 8, 2011
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Control ID (CID) 3811, Status of the 'Data Execution Prevention (DEP)' setting, for Windows XP and 2003 will be converted from a 'string' data type to an 'integer' data type on June 17, 2011.  During the conversion to an 'integer' data type, this control will also be converted to fixed values using the new capabilities introduced in QualysGuard 6.18.


Currently, CID 3811 returns a list of strings:



  • always on
  • optout
  • optin
  • alwaysoff



Once converted on June 17, 2001, CID 3811 will return a list of integers from 0-3 and Pi.  These integers will be mapped to check boxes in the Policy Editor, as follows:


  • 0 = AlwaysOff
  • 1 = AlwaysOn
  • 2 = OptIn
  • 3 = OptOut
  • Pi = DataExecutionPrevention_SupportPolicyobject not found


After the conversion, please verify the settings in your Windows XP and 2003 policies.