Qualys Vulnerability Management Video Series

Version 51

    The Vulnerability Management Video Series walks you through how to proactively and continuously monitor network access points and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.



    Overview (8 mins)

    Introduction to Qualys Vulnerability Management.


    Discovery (Mapping) (6 mins)

    Find out what devices can be discovered and their properties (OS, ports, etc.)


    Assets Overview (7 mins)

    Learn about the many ways you can organize your assets and continuously track their security status.


    Scanning (Assessment) (6 mins)

    Set up, schedule and run vulnerability scans in Qualys VM


    Reporting (5 mins)

    Create different reports to format host scan data in a way that makes sense to an intended audience.


    Remediation (5 mins)

    Set up automated ticket creation by creating custom policies, manage tickets and track remediation progress.


    Cloud Agent Introduction (5 mins)

    Get an overview of Cloud Agent and see how you can install lightweight agents on your hosts in minutes.



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