How do I open a Support Ticket?

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Issue: How do I open a Ticket with Qualys Support?


1. The preferred method is to log into QualysGuard and to submit the inquiry via the Contact Support page on the Help menu. This assures that our Support tracking system opens the ticket for the correct user and that full contact information is available. You will also find user guidance on what information to provide for select categories of issues. This mechanism opens a P3 ticket - (48 hour turnaround) - see for a full explanation of response times.

2. Alternatively, you can send an email to Qualys Support at Please use a subject line that best describes your issue.

This mechanism opens a P3 ticket  - (48 hour turnaround) - see for a full explanation of response times.

3. You can also contact Qualys Support via telephone:

* U.S. and Canada:                         +1.866.801.6161 24x7

* Europe, the Middle East and Africa: + 24x7

* UK:                                            +44.1753.872.102 24x7

This mechanism is the only way to directly open a P1 or P2 ticket. The Support Engineer will likely request further information such as scan reports or screenshots to document the ticket. It is also the  correct way to promote a previously opened ticket from P3 to a higher level.

In all cases include as much information as possible in your ticket, for example:

* Qualys indicates existence of a vulnerability that is not present - False Positive

Please tell us what QID on what machine you are inquiring about, copy the Result section from the report into the body of the email. Please also include a copy of the full scan report for the IP in question in PDF format. The additional information in the full scan report will give Qualys Support the tools necessary to build a full picture of the situation (i.e. QID 90234 - to enumerate the installed SW on the machine or QID 105296, 70028 and others for Authentication success and failure).

* To generate the full scan report

Create a new scan report template or edit an existing template and make sure the following settings are selected:

   * Scan Results Selection is set to Manual

   * On the Display tab under Detailed Results, select the following:

        * Vulnerability Details

        * Results

        * Appendix


   * On the Filter tab under Included Vulnerability Types, select the following vulnerability checks

        * Active Vulnerabilities - all levels

        * Active Potential - all levels

        * Active Information gathered - all levels

        * Appendix


When you generate the report, select the saved scan applicable to your issue. If the saved scan contains more than 1 IP, please use the "IP Restriction" field in the lower left hand corner to limit the report to the IP address in question. If the report is under 5 MB in size, you can email it by responding to the initial ticket email that you received. Maintaining the formatting of the subject line (the  **SUPPORT TICKET=nnnnnnnn**part) will assure that report gets associated with the correct ticket. You can encrypt the report with PGP for privacy reasons, see

Additional information will be helpful such as:

   * Operating System name, version, and patch level (e.g. Windows 2003 Server SP 1)

   * Primary function of the host (e.g. domain controller)

   * Its place on the network (e.g. in DMZ behind firewall)

   * Software name, version and build or patch level (e.g. Microsoft SQL 2000 version 8.00.2039)

   * Port number the affected software is running on (e.g. port 80, static)

   * Source of the software (e.g. company it was purchased from or web site it was downloaded from)

   * Detailed description of the symptoms - Detailed steps how to reproduce the issue (step 1, step 2, step 3, etc.)

   * If the host is accessible from the Internet: Permission to run a light, non-intrusive test

   * Any additional information that is relevant to the issue such as: screenshots, log files, links to web sites with relevant information

If the report is over 5 MB in size, please use our FTS system to get the file to us - see

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