How does QualysGuard provide assistance with fixing vulnerabilities?


How does QualysGuard provide assistance with fixing vulnerabilities?



Qualys provides links to fixes or workarounds from scan results to help network administrators fix vulnerabilities. Our Security Engineers have validated all solutions in our vulnerability lab to ensure that they function as specified for the appropriate operating system.


The vulnerability solution is included as a part of the "vulnerability details" associated with each detected vulnerability. This data identifies the vulnerability and its classification, and provides descriptions of the threat posed by the issue, the impact if exploited, and solution.


Vulnerability details with solutions are visible in several scan reports using templates provided by the service. These templates include detailed results, such as the Technical Report, High Severity Report, RV10 Report and SANS20 Report. You can also create custom report templates which include detailed results.


Vulnerability details with solutions are also visible in several other locations in the QualysGuard user interface to assist users with vulnerability management and remediation. For example, links from the Dashboard view list vulnerability details with solutions (QualysGuard > Dashboard). Also the Vulnerabilities tab in the Host Information view includes detailed results for one host. This Host Information view is integrated into many workflows, including  searching for asset security status (QualysGuard> Asset Search) and editing remediation tickets (QualysGuard > Remediation > Tickets > View).