• Anyone had any issues creating new Qualys users?

    Hello,   We ran into an issue creating Qualys users.  Where the user is created, however it is not created in the Administration module.  When this occurs, the user can log into Qualys, but when they g...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Feature request: WAS plug-in for Azure DevOps

    We would like to integrate WAS into CI/CD process of Azure DevOps. However, it seems WAS plug-in currently exists only for Jenkins. Can you create a WAS plug-in to integrate into Azure DevOps CICD process?
    Srinivasa Yennam
    created by Srinivasa Yennam
  • Find a specific RegKey

    Hi All,   Wondering if you can help:   Using either CA or authenticated scanning, is there a QID to find a specific RegKey?   In this case, i'm looking to see which of our Assets have got NLA require...
    Chris Jones
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  • Error after login "You are not allowed to view this page"

    Can anyone provide me the URL for the section of the Qualys web site that allows you to select the different applications, such as PCI, ASV, Vulnerability Mnagement?   I am having an issue where if: Browse to&#...
    Joseph Helmstetter
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  • CertView Question - Does the Qualys Agent take inventory of the certificates?

    Does anyone know if CertView for Internal can track certificates on workstations that are running the Agent?  If the agent does this, is there a report for it as well?   Please let me know.   Thanks
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • CVE-2019-0708

    https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-US/security-guidance/advisory/CVE-2019-0708 https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2019/05/14/prevent-a-worm-by-updating-remote-desktop-services-cve-2019-0708/   rdellimma...
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  • QID to Indicate Desktop or Server OS?

    Does Qualys have a QID that indicates if an operating system is a server OS or a desktop OS for Windows and *nix, so that you don't have to use regular expressions to determine this information?   Than...
    John Malon
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  • Authentication failure

    Before start, I wanted to clarify that I have contacted support already, without much responses. And that is pretty annoying since we have been trying to resolve this issue for last two weeks.   We are getting a...
    Maximiliano Lagos
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  • Is it possible to use Qualys VM to scan an IBM mainframe running Z/OS

    Is it possible to use Qualys VM to scan an IBM mainframe running Z/OS for vulnerabilities? For example could you identify weakness in the configuration or missing patching in the Z/OS operating system or commonly use...
    Roy Harrow
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  • How to see which user is running each process?

    Hi all,   I have a doubt about CID 10604 and 8375 because in these CIDs description tell that display the Procesname, PID, CPU/Memory and the user information of each process and when I create a report only displ...
    Maik Tayler
    created by Maik Tayler
  • Map scanning problems

    Hello all, just new in the fórum, I try to create a map scanning for internal networks, and I have create a Group with the IP for each device, and include them in the none domain, but it continue tell me: ...
    Gracia Villamayor
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  • Scanner ID QID?

    Is there a QID that identifies the name of the scanner(s) that performed the last scan against a specific host?   I know that QID 45038 provides information about the time of the scan, but it doesn't include any...
    Andrew Wild
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  • F5 Devices

    Are F5 devices devices supported in any way for scanning?  (finding vulnerabilities in the devices themselves) I believe the answer is a no already, and the next question, is there a path to have them added for ...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Getting list of hosts that weren't scanned x days ago using API

    From AssetView I get ~4k results using the following query: lastVmScanDate<2019-02-21  When I try with the /api/2.0/fo/asset/host endpoint I get way more when using the API (I stopped the execution becau...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • Is there a way to track your support case?

    Is there still no way to track a support case other than waiting for an e-mail like water in a desert? I'd like to be able to log in, see all of the existing updates, be able to copy them to our internal system for tr...
    last modified by horizon
  • Cloud Agent: what does lastFound excluded mean?

    When retrieving the list of assets and vulnerabilities from the Cloud Agent api (POST /qps/rest/2.0/search/am/hostasset), I noticed some vulnerabilities have the field <lastFound> and some don't. What does ...
    Kate Pham
    created by Kate Pham
  • Does Qualys support CISCO IP Phone authentication?

    I wanted to know the process if it does support?
    Rohil S
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  • Help with a "simple" Asset search

    I'm new to Qualys and am struggling to get an answer to a simple question.  "Qualys... to identify gaps in my estate, show me the Cloud Agents that haven't checked in in the last 24 hours". I have attempted the ...
    Vincent King
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  • Polarbear: New 0day from SandboxEscaper

    Any thoughts to if Qualys will be developing a detection for the new 0day SandboxEscaper just released yesterday called polarbear (https://github.com/SandboxEscaper/polarbearrepo/tree/master/bearlpe)?
    created by derekv
  • Invalid 0-RTT detection

    ssllabs test   "0-RTT enable    No"   But if I check in other ways:   а)   Checked using the program under the python3 - sslyze 2.0.3   python3 -m sslyze --early_data www.b...
    Alexander Falaleev
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