• CyberArk Integration with Qualys

    Hi All,   I am looking to integrated CyberArk in a test environment, for authenticated scans to test Windows; Linux; SQL and Midware. has any one else intergrated Qualys and CyberArk, if so were there any isses ...
    zarcoff Ross
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  • Search For All Assets

    Hi All,   I would like to do a search for all assets in group A, that have a trend Micro agent.   am doing something wrong.     Thank you in advance Zarcoff
    zarcoff Ross
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  • Zombie POODLE and GOLDENDOODLE Vulnerabilities - Oracle HTTP Server 12c

    Hello Qualys Community,   We ran SSL Server test on SSL Labs site and the overall rating shows as 'F' now with the below messages for Ciphers and Protocol section.If we removed the CBC weak one's from CipherSuit...
    Soma Yedubati
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  • Security impact of "weak" cipher suites

    We are using Cloudflare and thus the SSL report gives us a rating of A+. However, it shows a number of cipher suites marked as "weak". The problem is that this is frowned upon by a German security certification that w...
    Richard Musiol
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  • Best way to start VM

    Hi,   I'll be starting a VM process from scratch. I am 1 year into VM domain. I have adequate knowledge of the things present in Qualys. I wanted to know if there are any resources on how to start a VM process f...
    Rohil S
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  • Patch Management

    Hi community !   I have  question about   Patch Management features.   I did  installation of  Cloud Agent on few  Windows and few Linux  machines. After activation of P...
    Mladen Ilisinovic
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  • Finding embedded databases using Assetview

    I am being asked to look for embedded databases that may be in our environment such as NoSQL,  MySQL or Cassandra. I think this would be a great use case for Qualys, especially using AssetView. I have tried to se...
    Kevin G
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  • Are hosts found during discovery added to AssetView?

    After a discovery scan, x amount of hosts were found. When we go in AssetView, y hosts are shown in total. The issue is the y < x. Shouldn't the hosts found in the discovery scan be added to the list of assets that...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • DELETING TAGS that I created in ASSETVIEW

    I created a dozen tags that now must be DELETED as our NAMING STANDARDS have changed. These TAGS have zero assets attached to them but.,... QUALYS now states that they are CREATED BY SYSTEM which is incorrect as I a...
    Marc Pierre
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  • Cloud Agent Migration from One Account to Other Account

    I had an EC2 instance added in one of my Qualys Cloud Account by Cloud Agent, now I have uninstalled the Cloud Agent, Cleared the /etc/qualys  and willing to add the same instance in a new Qualys Gaurd Cloud Acco...
    Nitinkumar Balar
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  • Search Host Assets API endpoint returning empty results after hanging

    I am having trouble getting results from the search host assets API endpoint. I am capable of getting results using, for example, id as a field and putting in an assetId. I wish to be able to query for less specific t...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • Vulnerability scan Report of Elastic Beanstalk (aws) having OpenSSH version as 7.8 using Qualys shows “OpenSSH Username Enumeration Vulnerability”

    While doing vulnerability scan of an Elastic Beanstalk (aws) having OpenSSH version as 7.8 using Qualys , scan report shows “OpenSSH Username Enumeration Vulnerability” as shown in the screenshot below: S...
    Bridgei2i Analytics
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  • CVE-2019-12735

    Any eta on CVE-2019-12735 (the recent vim vulnerability)?
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  • Unable to access Qualys with Windows10

    Dear Colleagues, Please I'm sorry to interrupt you. The company where I'm working, has initiated the migration to Windows 10. The problem is that, using Win10, I can´t access to Qualys Guard. I deleted and r...
    Ale Dragone
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  • API to find successful scanned hosts per VM scan

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a way I can find the list of successfully scanned hosts per VM scan through api. Regards Narendra.R
    Narendra Ramakrishna
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  • QID 150022 - Verbose Error Message

    Hello Guys,    We are having some trouble with a QID(“Verbose Error”). For troubleshooting we have taken down this pages that were presenting errors, but, the QID continues showing us status: &l...
    Lucas C. Nunes
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  • Add live IPs from discovery automatically

    Hi,   Is there a way where we can add only the live IPs to an asset group directly after performing a discovery scan?   Thanks.
    Rohil S
    created by Rohil S
  • Scan results not processed

    Hi Team,   A lot of my scans from 3 days ago have completed but the results have been pending to process since. Is there any reason why this should be happening? I have contacted Qualys support and waiting to he...
    Rohil S
    created by Rohil S
  • LAN has no IPv4 address error

    Hi,   I want to setup a virtual scanner appliance and am running into the said error in the title. I am using esxi image for deploying. When I launch the server from the cluster, I get an error saying Error: P...
    Rohil S
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  • Feedback on the Asset Inventory module?

    We are doing a trial of the Asset Inventory module and wanted to know if anyone else is doing the same and what you like about the module:   Do you have any good widgets or queries you would like to share? What...
    Rusty Qualyz
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