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Qualys is continuing upgrades to its database infrastructure in the US SOC to accommodate further customer growth and increased scanning activity. This upgrade will be the latest in a series of upgrades that the Qualys' operations team will be performing over the next few months to deliver new features and ensure we meet the growing demand for scanning and reporting on the QualysGuard US platform.


The following are dates for upcoming maintainance windows for QualysGuard in the US SOC:


1) Dec 8th, 2011 - starts 12:00 PM PST (20:00 GMT) for 12 hours  (previously announced Nov 8th)


2) Jan 5th, 2012 - starts 12:00 PM PST (20:00 GMT) for 12 hours


Please note that all QualysGuard services will not be available during these maintenance windows including:



Any scans running at the start of the scheduled downtime will be canceled and any scans scheduled to begin during the downtime will start immediately following the scheduled downtime. Customers are advised to make sure that the re-start of scheduled scans after the downtime does not interfere with normal network operations.


Qualys appreciates your patience while we rapidly implement our plans over next couple of months, which are specifically designed to provide enhanced compute capacity to the QualysGuard infrastructure and handle the accelerated adoption of our services. In addition to increasing the core compute capacity of the existing US Shared Platform, we are in parallel deploying an entirely new platform leveraging our platform on-demand architecture, which allows us to scale the service horizontally.


If you have any further questions regarding this upgrade, please feel free to contact Qualys Technical Support at or +1 (866) 801 6161.


P.S. You can get automated QualysGuard upgrade and system notifications from the Qualys Community by subscribing at:


We thank you for your continued support and look forward to continuously improving our services.