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EU Platform

3 Posts authored by: Corey Bodzin

A new release of QualysGuard, Version 8.1, will be available in production on QualysGuard EU Platform on July 22nd, 2014. The deployment is completely transparent to users and will require no downtime. The release will occur between 12:00 PM PDT (19:00 UTC) and 6:00 PM PDT (01:00 UTC next day).


QualysGuard VM version 8.1 includes improved Maps, Certificate Fingerprints, Option Profile enhancements, Host Remediation information, new Templates for Heartbleed and Continuous Monitoring, and new Report Template options.


QualysGuard PC includes new Directory Search UDCs, Exception Expiring Notifications, and Policy Library improvements.


API enhancements include support for Customer HTTP Headers, SCAP Scans, and Compliance Posture CSV output.


See QualysGuard 8.1 New Features and QualysGuard API Release Version 8.1 - 15 day notification for more details.


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Qualys regularly upgrades the QualysGuard Cloud Platform for capacity expansion and maintenance purposes.


We are implementing an upgrade that will allow Qualys to apply database and network enhancements to the EU Platform.


This upgrade will happen on June 5, 2014 and requires a 12-hour downtime starting at 19:00 UTC (9:00pm CEST) and ending at 07:00 UTC (9:00am CEST) next day.


The administrative UI and API of the QualysGuard services on EU Platform will be unavailable during this maintenance window. This includes:


  • QualysGuard Vulnerability Management (VM)
  • QualysGuard Policy Compliance (PC)
  • QualysGuard Web Application Scanning (WAS)
  • QualysGuard Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • QualysGuard Malware Detection Service (MDS)
  • QualysGuard Asset Management (AM) incl. Dynamic Asset Tagging
  • QualysGuard Continuous Monitoring (CM)


Active security services will not be impacted by this maintenance window.


Scanning services: Any scans already in progress will continue, and results will automatically be uploaded and processed after the Platform maintenance is complete. Any scans scheduled to begin during the maintenance window will start immediately following the conclusion of maintenance. Customers should ensure that the revised start time of these scans does not interfere with their normal network operations.


Web Application Firewall: Deployed sensor appliances will continue to inspect and protect web traffic using their currently-active policies. Collected inspection data and events will be available for review in the Platform UI after maintenance has concluded.


We appreciate your patience and if you have any further questions regarding this upgrade, please feel free to contact Qualys Technical Support at or +44 (0)1753 872102 (UK) or +33 1 41 97 35 81 (France) or +1 (866) 801-6161 (US and Canada).


We thank you for your continued support and look forward to your feedback.

On February 7, 2011 we will complete the move of our EU Internet Scanners array from Vitry, France to our new datacenter in Geneva, Switzerland.


All new scans launched after that date will be run on the scanners in Geneva; any scans still running in Vitry will continue to run in Vitry until they complete or until February 13, when they will be canceled and the Vitry datacenter will be shut down.


The inbound connections coming from the QualysGuard Internet Scanners used for the perimeter scanning will come exclusively from the ( IP range


Please note that the following IP ranges will no longer be used:


  • (
  • (


Please make sure that your firewalls, proxy policies, and IPS systems are updated to allow communication with all these resources accordingly.


Qualys Support is always available to assist you:
Should you have questions regarding this update or should you need assistance, please contact Qualys Support via email at or at one of the following phone numbers at your convenience:

  • +1 866 801 6161 (US)
  • +44 1753 872102 (UK)
  • +33 1 4197 3581 (France)