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Shane Rzip
I have tried MULTIPLE ways of trying to get better than an A on an IIS site (windows 2016 or Windows 2019), but the best I can score is A. I have used the most current version of IISCrypto to manage the settings. How can we get greater than an "A" on a modern Microsoft server??
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Krister Henningsson
The summary shows no colors when printed. I know how good an A-rating is but management wants a Visual conformation wich I can't give them.
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I am wondering about the rating. In the past i had A+ with 4 times 100%. Now i have the choice between A and 4 times 100% (by disabling TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256) or A+ and Cipher 90%. I think this is not what it should be. The rating should show how good the setup is. So i think it is an unexpected situation that you will receive an better rating… (Show more)
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Dana Jesiolowski
I purchased an SSL through Namecheap a couple of days ago to use on my personal site that's hosted on Dreamhost. I tested it and it came back as not being trusted. Is there a way for me to fix that? I can't do anything too technical or write code or anything like that. 
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Mirko Tebaldi
I'm unable to understant why i get 90/100 on key exchange.  There is no suggestion on result page and no orange lines (a part missing CAA dns record).   Actually my procotol and cyphers are read as is from your tool   Protocols TLS 1.3 No TLS 1.2 Yes TLS 1.1 No TLS 1.0 No SSL 3 No SSL 2 No For TLS 1.3 tests, we only support RFC 8446.    … (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi, for one of our internal web server with business sensitive data I have performed and got "Cipher Strength" of 90 points. Is there a way I can increase this to 100 points? According to SSL_Server_Rating_Guide 100% grade is awarded only to https server with exclusive >= 256 bits, so if I understand correctly in my case all… (Show more)
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When scanning a site that supports TLSv1.0, it received an A+ grade. Since TLSv1.0 is being deprecated next year, I would expect the grade to be lower (also because of known vulnerabilities). When testing another site a few months back, I could have sworn the rating was lower than an A+. Do you know if this is a bug or is intended?   Thanks
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Jacob Hammond
Hello,   I'm running Apache 2.4 on a S3 instance with a PHP web application.   I'm attempting to track down an issue where after a scheduled Qualys scan, two Apache threads are stuck at 100% CPU utilization until terminated.   The processes, as they appear in top: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 6367 www-data 20 0 535924… (Show more)
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Ivan Ristić
Version 1.32.15Released to production on 24 January 2019. Fixes Apache threads stuck at 100% after scan (Qualys community) Client test incorrectly reports "No" instead of "Firewall" for TLS 1.3 (#607) Server out of compliance with TLS 1.3 Cipher Suites (RFC 8446) should be reported (#668) Investigate grade mismatch between API and SSL Labs…
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Workplacelive Workplacelive
I am testing our server via SSL labs and received message below. "This server does not support Authenticated encryption (AEAD) cipher suites. Grade capped to B."   We are receiving this message even though the server is running Windows 2016? How do I resolve this, thanks
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