• Does Qualys support using Slack for notifications?

    Does Qualys support using Slack for notifications (Scan complete, Scan results, Completed Map, Map Results, WAS Scan, etc.)?   This would be a useful capability as organizations move away from email an...
    Andrew Wild
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  • Assetview - Filter out assets still syncing

    Working on creating dashboards and one problem I keep running into is false positive data related to agents that are still syncing. I would like to filter these out of my data....   Use case: I have a dashb...
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  • Dashboards Information

    Hello Guys!   One more time I'm here, this time to ask something relative to the dashboard's session on the platform. Is there someway that I can detect users that are logged in 02 or more machines simultaneousl...
    Lucas C. Nunes
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  • Cloud Agent Installation Issues

    Hello Guys!   Im doing the installation of the Cloud Agent in some Servers of my Company, but, Im obtaining the following error: "Error: Failed to send request to web service: Error: 12175, "(WinHttp) One or mor...
    Lucas C. Nunes
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  • Ability to clone a cloud agent profile

    Anyone interested in the ability to clone a cloud agent profile?    Use case, quick ability to test changes to a profile without having to worry all the settings are the same.    I put a feature ...
    created by derekv
  • Cloud Agents without DNS Server configured

    Hi everyone,   I have some Cloud Agents which not have configured DNS Server and we must work without DNS Server in this server by company policy. Anyone know how can we have connect with Qualys Cloud without DN...
    Maik Tayler
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  • Scans being cancelled

    Hi Guys   We have multiple scan running at various locations, however, some are coming up cancelled. Is there a way to check why they are being cancelled? Is it due to a time limit? Is there a way I can check ba...
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • Windows Cloud Agent now at 7mb for installer?

    What happened to when the installer was only 1-2mb in size...   Even your website says it should still only be less than 3mb: Cloud Agent | Qualys, Inc.  ^probably should be updated   Are there pl...
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  • Authentication Scan Report

    Hi Guys   We have a number of devices that are failing on authentication, kindly can you let me know how to run an authentication report without having to scan them all?    Thanks
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • Issues with Cloud agent in AWS

    Hi Forum Hoping someone on here has been down this track already and can assist me in relation to cloud agent within AWS. So the story so far: - Setup a connector to VPC and got cloud engineers to sort out iAM role...
    Michael Fennell
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  • Automated patching tool integrated with Qualys

    Automated patching solution integration with Qualys, does anyone know or use a good automated patching tool integrated with Qualys?
    ruben benegas
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  • Cloud agents with APIPA IPs...

    Anyone else seeing agents checking in/being tracked via APIPA addressees (   Anyone know if there is a way to get the agent to purge the associated apipa record? I am opening a case but thought I...
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  • qualys proxy failed with error in Log

    Observing error in log file when setting proxy :   1. C:\Program Files\Qualys\QualysAgent>QualysProxy.exe /u Qualys Proxy Configuration Tool (c) 2018 Qualys, Inc. Confirmation: The fol...
    asim khan
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  • IOC for Linux

    Does anyone know when the IOC will be available for Linux?  I have a trial right now, but I can only activate this module for Windows agents.  Kind of a moot point if it can't be used for all the agents..
    Constantine Vorobetz
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  • Error 12175 Qualys Cloud Agent on Win Server 2008 Standard

    I have been unable to get the qualys cloud agent to report back, in the log I keep getting Error 12175.  The OS is Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2.   Is the qualys agent compatible with this OS?  ...
    Mir Khan
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  • AIX & Solaris - Cloud Agent

    Hello, Can anyone tell me the minimum version of AIX supported by the agent?  Also, is Solaris supported with the agent at all?
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  • Windows Servers Authentication Issues on Qualys Scanning

    Hi Guys We are having an issue with regards to authentication on Windows Servers where it says Authentication Failed. Oddly, I also have a couple of servers within the same Authentication Record, where authentication ...
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • Windows Cloud Agent - failed to start service after reboot

    Hello,    New user of Qualys here.  I recently deployed the Cloud Agent to ~100 Windows and Linux servers.      I ran Windows Update on 3 servers today and after rebooting the Cloud Age...
    Frank Diag
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  • How implement Qualys SAML with Azure AD?

    Hi everyone,   I´m searching about how integrate Qualys SAML with Azure AD SSO and I found a Azure AD App which do this task,the following is the App:   When I click on "Get it now" redirect me to ...
    Maik Tayler
    created by Maik Tayler
  • Special characters now a requirement?

    Why are special characters now a requirement in passwords? Why is this not an account setting that I can as an admin can decide to enforce or not? I am allowed to decide whether or not to enforce lowercase, uppercase,...
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