• Error after login "You are not allowed to view this page"

    Can anyone provide me the URL for the section of the Qualys web site that allows you to select the different applications, such as PCI, ASV, Vulnerability Mnagement?   I am having an issue where if: Browse to&#...
    Joseph Helmstetter
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  • Anyone had any issues creating new Qualys users?

    Hello,   We ran into an issue creating Qualys users.  Where the user is created, however it is not created in the Administration module.  When this occurs, the user can log into Qualys, but when they g...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • How to see which user is running each process?

    Hi all,   I have a doubt about CID 10604 and 8375 because in these CIDs description tell that display the Procesname, PID, CPU/Memory and the user information of each process and when I create a report only displ...
    Maik Tayler
    created by Maik Tayler
  • Is there a way to track your support case?

    Is there still no way to track a support case other than waiting for an e-mail like water in a desert? I'd like to be able to log in, see all of the existing updates, be able to copy them to our internal system for tr...
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  • Qualys Agent Error

    Its been some time since we started deploying agents. From the beginning I have noticed that when I download the asset list from AV module under activity , Agent Error shows. However, doing the same thing from Cloud A...
    K C
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  • Generating alerts from FIM data

    We are using the Cloud Agents with FIM enabled in our cloud infrastructure as a replacement for AIDE. Is there any way to create alerts based on a set of criteria? We would want either emails to be sent out or possibl...
    Robert Barrow
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  • Is it possible to delete a client in Qualys?

    I created a client for test and i can't delete it. Is it possible? I want to delete "Nome do Cliente".     Can someone please help me?
  • QID19672,Oracle Database TNS Listener Poison Attack Vulnerability

    QID: 19672 , Title: Oracle Database TNS Listener Poison Attack Vulnerability Threat: "A vulnerability exists in the Listener component of Oracle Database Server. Easily exploitable vulnerability allows...
    Waleed Alghamdi
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  • Getting Cloud Agent to successfully register with Qualys Gateway Service ...

    Hello,   With QGS we have finally got the gateway service to successfully register through our Websense proxy.   We are trying to get a Qualys Cloud Agent v2.1.1.34 to talk to the QGS on the defau...
    Joseph Rose
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  • Feature Request - Qualys - Asset View Vulnerability Listing

    I will submit this to my team as well as a feature request.  However, I am going to post here as well.   Within the Asset View screen of Qualys it would be great to be able to include customize the columns ...
    created by theone2018
  • Qualys Cloud Agent installation issue

    Greeting All Currently we are using Redhat Linux Version - 5.7 with 32 bit version, I have tried to install Qualys cloud Agent but unable to install. Could you confirm anybody this version is supported in Qualys.
    Sankar Pandurangan
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  • How to ensure Unit Managers/Scanners/Readers can see Cloud Agent assets

    Currently if your subscription is based primarily around the use of Cloud Agents, with some use of IP-tracked assets, your users within a Business Unit will not be able to see those Cloud Agent assets in the VM m...
    Edward Luck
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  • Anyone having issues auto-updating to the new Windows Cloud Agent 3.0?

    Hello Qualys Community,   Qualys updated all PODs on Monday with the new Windows Cloud Agent 3.0.  We have our auto-updating turned off except for some test machines when a new agent comes out.  It has...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Trigger start remote registry during scan

    Many of our scans come back as remote registry access denied, is there a way to have the scan start the remote registry service?  We do not want to set it to automatic and keep it running all the time.
    Megan Fairchild
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  • Randomise Cloud Agent Scanning

    All of our cloud agents scan the servers that they are installed on at the same time. Running these OS  commands causes load on our LDAP infrastructure. We have a 4 hourly collection interval in the profile we us...
    charles robbins
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  • Why isn't Agent ID included in Cloud Agent Download?

    When you download a list of cloud agents from the cloud agent module, why is "Asset ID" included but not "Agent ID"?    Further, you can't do anything with the asset id in the cloud agent module... The "Ass...
    created by derekv
  • FreeScan OWASP categories "Not Checked"?

    Hello, I'm curious as to why some of the OWASP categories in the FreeScan come back as "Not Checked". Are these categories not applicable to the site / application that I'm testing against, is it a limitation in the...
    Shane Doucette
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  • How to get work-group machines from Qualys cloud agent module.

    Hi All,   We are using Qualys Cloud agent to monitor the assets, and would like to get the list of agents which are not a part of domain, in other words, the agents which are running as a work-group, is it possi...
    created by bectn_kk1
  • Qualys Cloud Agent - question on vuln scan

    Hi ,   In the qualys agent module, I see often that  "Discovery scan completed few seconds ago" messages . is there a place where i can see when the full scan ran and the vulnerabilities that are listed are...
    Saravanan Subramanian
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  • Is there a query to identify duplicate agents installed?

    I had one of our desktop folks identify they received three tickets for the same vulnerability on the same asset.  Upon looking at the asset in the Cloud Agent module, I found three agents, all with the same name...
    Rusty Qualyz
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