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On February 16, 2012 Qualys will introduce the new QualysGuard® Malware Detection Service (MDS) Enterprise Edition.  This upgrade requires a 4-hour downtime for the services listed below starting on February 16, 2011 at 16:00 PDT (12:00 AM GMT next day) and ending at 20:00 PDT(04:00 AM GMT next day). The services listed below will not be available during this downtime including:


    • QualysGuard Web Application Scanning (WAS) 2.1
    • QualysGuard Malware Detection Service
    • Qualys SECURE Seal


Scans for the above services launched before the outage will continue.  If any scans complete during the outage they will be processed and notifications will be sent after the outage.  Scans scheduled during the outage will start as soon as the outage ends.  Customers are advised to make sure that the re-start of scheduled scans after the downtime does not interfere with normal network operations.


Note that this upgrade is completely transparent to users of QualysGuard VM, PC or PCI services and will not require any scheduled downtime for these services.


Introducing QualysGuard Malware Detection Service Enterprise Edition

The new QualysGuard Malware Detection Service (MDS) Enterprise Edition will include significant enhancements from the current version to enable subscribers to scan and manage a large number of sites, preventing website black listing and brand reputation damage.  MDS Enterprise Edition utilizes behavioral analysis to identify malware ensuring organizations are protected against even zero-day threats.  Organizations that use MDS Enterprise Edition will be able to quickly identify and eradicate malware infections that could infect their website visitors and lead to loss of data and revenue.

MDS Enterprise Edition Highlights:


  • Malware Scanning: MDS gives organizations the ability to scan, identify and remove malware infections from their web properties.  MDS utilizes behavioral analysis so it is able to provide zero-day malware detection that ensures organizations keep pace with constantly evolving attack vectors.  MDS supports regularly scheduled scanning to monitor websites on an ongoing basis, with email alerts to quickly notify organizations when infections are discovered.  Malware infection details are provided so that organizations can take quick action to isolate and eradicate malware infections.


  • Dashboard: The dashboard gives users a comprehensive view scan activity, infected pages and malware infection trends.   Users can initiate actions directly from the dashboard based on the scan and infection information presented.  The information presented is specific to the scope defined for the user, so organizations can easily distribute management of different categories of web properties to different users.


  • Interactive Reporting: Interactive reporting supports powerful analysis and secure distribution of scan results.   Site, scan and summary reports can be created and saved in different formats such as PDF, Word and Excel.  The encrypted PDF support ensures secure and compatible distribution to web property stakeholders.  Interactive reports enables users to drill down to view the detailed information they need. MDS includes the ability to restrict users to view only reports for specific site or groups of sites.  This enables organizations to give site owners and content managers appropriate access to MDS that they can then use to view, filter and sort the scan results as needed.



  • Centralized Management: MDS supports the creation of user defined roles and scopes.  Each organization can create the roles they need to support their user base, and assign appropriate permissions to each role.  Tags are used to scope what each user can view, and the roles and permissions dictate what actions they can take on the information they can view.    MDS also includes Action Logging that enables organizations to audit activity within the application.  The Action Log can be easily filtered so that managers can quickly drill in on the activities they need to review.  There is no longer a need to wonder when an activity took place or who initiated it.  


  • Tagging: Tagging is a flexible way to categorize assets in MDS.  The categorization can be used to limit the data a user can view or to segment data for reporting.   Organizations can create tags that represent organizational groups (business units), geography (locations) or any other useful categorization.   Once defined, tags can then be applied to a site, report or other asset in MDS.  Once assigned to a user, the tag can limit the scope of what the user can view to only the assets that share the same tag as assigned to the user. 



Important Notice to Existing QualysGuard Malware Detection Customers (free service)


The new MDS Enterprise Edition service will offer customers one website for free per year. Additional websites per account will be priced annually per URL. Users that are already using the free QualysGuard Malware Detection Service will be allowed to use the new MDS for a single site.  For those users that are currently using the service for more than one site, you will be offered a free 30 day trial after which you can choose to subscribe the the MDS service or you can continue to use the service to scan the first entered site for free. 


Pricing and Availability


QualysGuard  Malware Detection Service Enterprise Edition is available as a prepaid annual subscription based on the number of web sites being scanned - starting at USD $249.00 per web site.

To receive more information on QualysGuard Malware Detection Service Enterprise Edition contact your Technical Account Manager.


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