QualysGuard WAS 3.3 API Notification

Blog Post created by WillB on Mar 13, 2014

A new release of QualysGuard WAS, Version 3.3, is targeted for release in late March and early April 2014.


More information on specific release dates that correspond to the QualysGuard platforms can be found on the platform release blog pages which will be updated no less than 15 days prior to the release of WAS 3.3.



This API notification provides an early preview into the coming API changes in QualysGuard WAS 3.3, allowing you to proactively identify any changes that might be required for your automated scripts or programs that utilize the API methods described below.  There are 3 primary API changes in this release:


  • Web Application Report XML – Ignored Sensitive Content
  • Report Create API – Storage Limit Response
  • Scan Cancel API – Update


Full release notes will be available to customers on the day of the release. 


API Enhancements


Web Application Report XML – Ignored Sensitive Content

The “Ignored” tag appears for a sensitive content detection when the detection has been marked as ignored. 










        <USER><![CDATA[John Smith (acme_js)]]></USER>

        <COMMENT><![CDATA[Not an issue]]></COMMENT>





Report Create API – Storage Limit Response

A new error message appears in the response XML if the report storage limit has been reached when you make an API request using the report creation API (https://<baseurl>/3.0/create/was/report).







    <errorMessage>Your [subscription|user] storage limit of 200.0 Mb has been reached.</errorMessage>

    <errorResolution>Delete existing reports and try again.</errorResolution>






Scan Cancel API – Update

Using the Scan Cancel API (https://<baseurl>/3.0/cancel/was/scan/<id>) now you can cancel any unfinished scan regardless of status.


What is the <baseurl>?


This is the API server URL where your QualysGuard account islocated. For an account on US Platform 1 this is <qualysapi.qualys.com>,on US Platform 2 this is <qualysapi.qg2.apps.qualys.com>, on EU Platformthis is <qualysapi.qualys.eu>.