• Search Host Assets API endpoint returning empty results after hanging

    I am having trouble getting results from the search host assets API endpoint. I am capable of getting results using, for example, id as a field and putting in an assetId. I wish to be able to query for less specific t...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • API to find successful scanned hosts per VM scan

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a way I can find the list of successfully scanned hosts per VM scan through api. Regards Narendra.R
    Narendra Ramakrishna
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  • Expiring password exclusion for some users

    Hi,   I have some API that run automatically and a policy of expiring password every 6 months, but sometimes it becomes complicated change the password in all the API commands.   Is there a way to giv...
    Max Max
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  • API call to exclude accepted Vulnerabilities

    We want to exclude accepted Vulnerabilities from qualys via API call. I am trying scan template call but its not working. Can you please help?
    Richa Gupta
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  • Underlying Connection Closed Unexpectedly

    Hi everyone, I have a powershell script that returns a list of assets with agents installed on them that haven't checked in in the last x days. It's pretty straight forward but I keep getting this error:   This...
    Kevin Trojak
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  • Approve Host automation

    Hi guys,   Does anyone know if there is an API call to configure approve host to domain ? It's been a tidious task to open Map Result, check mark one by one and add it to approve host. I'm wondering, if there i...
    alex setiadi
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  • API: Adding multiple IPs to Asset Group

    Hey Everyone,   I have an API that lists hundreds of IPs that need to be added to an asset group. Unfortunately, the amount of IPs causes the URL length to exceed maximum length. Are there any workarounds for th...
    Kevin Trojak
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  • Asset Purge API Call

    Hi everyone,   Over the past few weeks I've been working on automating our purge process and have been asking question on the Community and finally figured it out so I figured I would pay it forward and post my ...
    Kevin Trojak
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  • API calls changed? 403 Forbidden

    Have the API call changed in the last week on platform 1? I am able to login via API on multiple machines but get a (403) Forbidden on the call below; NOTE:  This has been running with no issue for over a year ...
    Sam Friday
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  • Getting list of hosts that weren't scanned x days ago using API

    From AssetView I get ~4k results using the following query: lastVmScanDate<2019-02-21  When I try with the /api/2.0/fo/asset/host endpoint I get way more when using the API (I stopped the execution becau...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • Are there any plans to make an API for a Remediation Policy?

    We need a little bit more convenient way to mark vulnerabilities as ignored and remediation policy is a perfect fit for this task. But that feature, unfortunately, does not covered in an API. Is there any chance to ha...
    Rinat Sabitov
    created by Rinat Sabitov
  • How to mark multiple QID as ignored?

    Hello, I have some troubles with QIDs ignoring. I'm using an `ignore_vuln.php` API endpoint and passing there multiple requests for one IP (asset). Due to the fact that the endpoint accepts a maximum 10 QID in one re...
    Rinat Sabitov
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  • Does someone have a CA API PS code sample?

    Hi all,   I'd like to run a PowerShell script to get the list of active agents from Qualys. Does anyone have a succesful sample for this? My main issue is that it doesn't accept the method of authentication I tr...
    Tom Noorman
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  • How to get information gathered results for one host via API

    Hi, I would like to gather a certain set of QIDs from a host, the majority of them are information gathered category of the QIDs, using the scan identifier is not an option. I have tried many ways    api/2...
    Attila Horvath
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  • How to

    Hi there,   I'm trying to retrieve a PDF report from API, so I basically call  '/api/2.0/fo/report/' with action fetch and a report_id which returns a response with content_type = application/pdf. That sou...
    Ismael Liceras
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  • Qualys API to SQL Server/ Tableau connection

    I am new to Qualys and would like to know if we can extract reports from Qualys API and load them into SQL Server ? (or) can we establish a direct connection from Tableau ? 
    Vamsipriya Mundluru
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  • Display QG_HOSTID in Splunk

    Recently I was trying to upgrade Splunk so I could use the new Qualys TA for Splunk (Qualys Technology Add-on (TA) for Splunk | Splunkbase ); this helps you get the Qualys Data into Splunk.   However; even ...
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  • Cloud Agent: what does lastFound excluded mean?

    When retrieving the list of assets and vulnerabilities from the Cloud Agent api (POST /qps/rest/2.0/search/am/hostasset), I noticed some vulnerabilities have the field <lastFound> and some don't. What does ...
    Kate Pham
    created by Kate Pham
  • Missing Assetgroup IDs

    Hi,   My customer obtains host information via API, including the Assetgroup ID. This has always worked. Since I introduced a new naming convention for the assetgroups, the assetgroup IDs are no longer delivered...
    Andreas Schäfer
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  • Guys, how do I integrate Qualys products for the opening of Tickts with the OTRS

    I have a client who owns the OTRS tool to manage the call openings. I'm looking for Qualys integration with the OTRS, but I'm not finding it. Would you have a path, a light to perform this procedure? Thank you.
    Ricardo S
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