• Purge Assets API Call

    Hi everyone, I am attempting to create an API call that will automate our purging process. We manually run an asset search with the parameters in this image:  We then purge the results, and repeat with a few ...
    Kevin Trojak
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  • Getting the error :- Please see: /qwebhelp/fo_portal/api/notification1.htm

    Hello Team,   I am hitting the below API from my node js application and getting the below response:-   API :-  https://qualysguard.qg2.apps.qualys.com/api/2.0/fo/scan/?action=list&state=Runn...
    Abhishek Dutta
    created by Abhishek Dutta
  • API Output response in JSON format

    Hello Team,   Is there a way to get JSON response from the below APIs:-   https://qualysguard.qg2.apps.qualys.com/api/2.0/fo/scan/?action=list&state=Running&user_login=[user_login] https://qualysg...
    Abhishek Dutta
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  • Passing multiple IDs as a parameter for update results in internal server error

    I am trying to update authentication records in order to activate agentless tracking, but I am unable to call the endpoint (/api/2.0/fo/auth/unix/) using multiple IDs at once. The docs say that it should be comma sepa...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • ManageEngine integration with Qualys VM

    Hi   This question appeared in 2012 but nobody answered. Since lots of time have passed and we are just about to select our VM provider I'd like to know if it is possible to integrate both together. I am looking...
    Dariusz Synowiec
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  • Remediation Report

    Good afternoon, I would like to know if you can import a remediation report with all open tickets and their detailing via API? Because the API documentation no say nothing about this. 
    bryan kouwen
    created by bryan kouwen
  • API Purge Hosts Not Scanned Within xx Days

    Hey everyone, I am fairly new to Qualys and the API and I am trying to build in some automation to some of our manual processes. The first one I want to knock out is purging assets that haven't been scanned within xx...
    Kevin Trojak
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  • Automated download of cloud agent installer?

    Hi everyone,   I am  trying to automate the download of the cloud agent installer. I have been able to get the activationID from the API. I cant see how to download cloud installer via the api. I can only s...
    mark wilson
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  • How to get hostname, dns, netbios using Ip filter?

    Hi Friends, I am trying to get hostname, dns and netbios using ip filter . I am using following api to achieve this but its not giving me host name instead giving me hostid. >curl -u "USERNAME:PASSWORD" -H "X-Req...
    Ashok Mohanty
    created by Ashok Mohanty
  • How to add IP addresses to domain using the API

    Hi,   I am trying to add a list of single IP addresses to an asset domain using the API. Looking at the API documentation I found how to add and edit an asset domain. Unfortunately the example is not clear if I ...
    Andy Freitag
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  • Can remediation ticket data be pulled into the Splunk App?

    We are setting up the Qualys App for Splunk and would like to know if there is a way to pull the remediation ticket data into the Splunk app.   Has anyone done this or would post any information on how to do thi...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Connection read timed out error

    I am connecting to qualys portal to get the session , by using this url "/api/2.0/fo/session/". It is working fine for some time , suddenly getting the read time out exception . See here    Error establishi...
    Sithik moulana sait U
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  • Missing required parameter(s): action

    Hi guys,   Recently, i coded a script to make a integration with objective to launch a scorecard of Most Vulnerable Hosts Report in Qualys API.   But..the request shows me the error could you find in ...
    Matheus Gonçalves
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  • Extract the list of current hosts being scanned by Qualys

    Hello Everyone,   I am trying to find out the list of all the Host IDs and its properties which are currently being scanned or was recently scanned with their Last scan time .   What should be the bes...
    Abhishek Dutta
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  • API key vs account with password

    Has there been any discussion about moving api access to a key based authentication scheme vs full blown user account with password? I have gripped about this quite a bit to my TAM, but it is rather annoying to have t...
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  • cURL Issues

    Hello Everyone!   Im new at Qualys Community and I'm having issues doing a bat archive from a cURL command. I have used Postman to do a request, consuming an API from Qualys. Before that, I export the requisitio...
    Lucas C. Nunes
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  • Can I create a dns override from the api?

    Can I create a dns override from the api?
    Abelardo Frías
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  • Raw Scan vs Host Based Findings Report

    I am seeing a significant difference in records when I compare a Host Based Findings Report to downloading a Raw Scan.   Both the Raw Scan and Host Based Findings Report are based on the same (1) asset group and...
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • No data for host detection list

    I am trying to retrieve the data from the URL https://qualysapi.qg3.apps.qualys.com/api/2.0/fo/asset/host/vm/detection/?action=list but in response I am seeing only below info   ?xml version="1.0" enco...
    Srinivas Merugu
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  • API issues with Policy Compliance Scans

    I'm on US Platform 1. I'm having new trouble with the Policy Compliance API--everything was working just fine until around the upgrade (but I can't pinpoint it exactly on that time--it may have started a day or two be...
    Eric Rubin
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