• Continuous Monitoring for Ports Exposed to Internet

    I'm trying to set up a rule for monitoring/alerting on newly opened ports on Internet Facing servers being exposed to Internet. I've created a scan schedule with external scanners for the same. However, I'm seeing a l...
    Santhosh Meesala
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  • Qualys Cloud View for Monitoring for the CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark capabilities

    I am evaluating Qualys Cloud View for Monitoring for the CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark. Does Qualys Cloud view for Azure has the following capabilities?   1. Ability to automate subscriptio...
    M Nabeel
    created by M Nabeel
  • Continuous Scanning - Cloud Agent vs. Appliance

    I have two test systems that are running the Qualys Cloud Agent (CA).  It is set with a Configuration Profile with Normal performance and the VM module.  I would like to test the target system resources with...
    Scott Dentler
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  • Continuous Monitoring and Digital Certificate Expirations

    I have weekly Continuous Monitoring alerts sent out to my server admin teams regarding the expiration and future expiration of SSL certificates.  I'm currently using a ruleset to trigger when a certificate is Exp...
    Scott Dentler
    created by Scott Dentler
  • CM question

    Hi a customer asked me to assist in configuring CM for external scanning. During some configuration steps we stuck in this one: Port/Service, additional criteria. Here there is "Protocol" and "Service" listed a crit...
    Karl Schrade
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  • CM For WAS ?

    Is it possible yet to add WAS scans into continuous monitoring alerting ?   I have a lot of URLs / FQDNs and it seems for now that I can only add IPs or IP ranges to CM.
    Damian OHara
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  • CM Alert can not match VM scan frequency

    The Continuous Monitoring suggests setting the alert notification to the same frequency as the vuln scan.  However, if you set a CM profile for every 6 hours, but the VM schedule smallest frequency is Daily...is ...
    Robert Farnlof
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  • Continuous Monitoring Profile for VMs using Cloud Agents

    How can I enable CM on VMs being monitored by the cloud agent? When I attempt to select a tag to include, none of mine show up. These are all going to be private VMs with private IPs.
    Joseph Zuchora
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  • Continuous Monitoring vs reports or dashboards

    I am trying to understand what is the difference between continuous monitoring and just running a vulnerability report or creating a dashboard? Can anyone shed some light on this?
    Anna Vitale
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  • Alert types to show off Continuous Monitoring

    Hi all, I can see value in this module, but so far only have a couple of port/vuln alerts set up, and i'm not too convinced that this can justify the £££££££ for the module. What a...
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  • Any solution to verify if systems are vulnerable to ICMP Unreachable DoS Attacks (aka "Black Nurse")

    I would like to know if Qualys has a solution to verify if systems are vulnerable to ICMP Unreachable DoS Attacks (aka "Black Nurse") reported on https://isc.sans.edu/diary/ICMP+Unreachable+DoS+Attacks+%28ak...
    anna duan
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  • Qualys Continuous Monitoring Notification

    Hello All,   I have scheduled Qualys CM Notification Alerts as per the Ruleset defined.   I receive the Alerts on the Dashboard of Qualys CM Module however do not receive the same in Email. 
    Pratik Mehta
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  • Continuous Monitoring reports

    Hey, everyone.  Any thoughts on this are much appreciated.  I am trying to find a way to utilize Continuous Monitoring the best that I can, but the reports that I can pull are only csv or xml files.  I ...
    Dawn Grandchamp
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  • Qualys Continuous Monitoring Notification

    Hello,   I have a question about qualys continuous monitoring notification. I've scheduled a continuous monitoring scan for tests, and I would like to be alone to receive notification, but notification is sent t...
    Guy-Omer Manissa
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