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Known issues with the community site

Blog Post created by Keith Shaw Employee on Jul 23, 2010

Hello and welcome to the Qualys community.  We have been working very hard to bring this new and exciting addition to our website to you.  There are many great features ready for you to participate in, however like all first drafts there are known issues we are working on.


General Issues:


  • FIXED: Sign Up box appears on the homepage for logged in users.
  • FIXED: The create new discussion, document, and blog post pages have a minimal style.
  • FIXED: The "Select a Qualys product" menu on the homepage requires you to click and hold to see the menu, unless you click on the right side down arrow.
  • Searching for users is not returning all the users that match the search request.


Browser based issues:


  • FIXED: IE:  The following pages appear to be blank: Browse Communities, Browse Groups, Browse People, and Browse Tags.
  • FIXED: IE:  The "Select a Qualys product" menu on the homepage is a plain dropdown menu.
  • FIXED: IE6:  The right sidebar may appear below the page content and vice versa.
  • FIXED: IE6:  Some icons may have grey backgrounds.
  • IMPROVED: IE6:  Misc. layout and display inconsistencies.


Please feel free to comment on this post to engage with us as we work to resolve these issues.



Keith Shaw

Web Developer

Qualys, Inc.